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In an ever-changing digital landscape, redesigning a website is an essential step for companies concerned with remaining competitive and providing an optimal user experience. A crucial part of this process is managing redirects. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with all the information you need to carry out a successful website redesign and effectively manage redirects. At Y2SL, we specialize in creation, redesign and digital marketing, and we put our expertise at your service to guarantee exceptional results. For example, when redesigning XYZ Company's website, we managed to increase their traffic by 50% and improve their conversion rate by 30%.

Part 1: Evaluation and preparation of the website redesign Before you embark on your website redesign, our team of experts at Y2SL will perform a comprehensive assessment of your site's current state. We'll identify gaps and issues that need attention and work closely with you to define your redesign goals. With our personalized approach, we will ensure that your new website design meets the specific needs of your target audience. For example, when working with Company ABC, we discovered that their website lacked a clear and intuitive structure, which made it difficult for users to find the information they needed. We therefore focused on improving the information architecture during the redesign.

Part 2: Planning the website redesign Planning is the key to a successful redesign. Our team at Y2SL will use their expertise to create a clear and logical information architecture, ensuring intuitive navigation for your users. We will design a user-friendly and modern user interface, based on the latest design trends. In addition, our team will guide you in choosing the best content management platform (CMS) adapted to your specific needs. For example, for the DEF company, we chose WordPress as the CMS because of its flexibility and ease of use.

Part 3: Content migration and redirect management Content migration is a critical step in redesigning a website. At Y2SL, we carefully manage this step, ensuring that your important information is not lost while organizing and optimizing your content for the new website. We will implement appropriate redirects, including 301, 302, and canonical URL redirects, to preserve SEO and ensure a smooth transition to your new site. For example, when redesigning the GHI corporate website, we implemented over 100 redirects to ensure that their traffic was not affected by the change in site structure.

Part 4: SEO optimization when redesigning the website Redesigning your website is also the perfect opportunity to improve your SEO. At Y2SL, our team of digital marketing experts will implement advanced SEO optimization techniques to ensure your site's maximum visibility in search results. We'll optimize your site's meta tags, friendly URLs, and content to attract qualified traffic and increase your online visibility. For example, during the redesign of the JKL company website, we managed to increase their position in Google search results by 20 places for their main keywords.

Part 5: Testing and launching the new website Before launching your new website, we will perform extensive testing to ensure functionality, cross-browser compatibility and loading speed. We will use powerful analytics and tracking tools to measure the performance of the new site and provide valuable insights about your users. At Y2SL, we are committed to delivering quality results and continually adjusting your website based on the data collected. For example, when launching MNO's new corporate website, we used Google Analytics to track site performance and make adjustments based on the data collected.

Conclusion : Redesigning your website is a crucial step to staying competitive in the digital market. At Y2SL, we are here to support you throughout this process. Our team of creative, redesign and digital marketing experts will work closely with you to ensure exceptional results. Contact us today to start your website redesign project and take advantage of our digital marketing expertise. For example, PQR saw a 70% increase in their web traffic after working with us on their website redesign. We look forward to helping you achieve similar results.

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