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Software development is one of the major poles of any IT development company worthy of the name. Whatever the nature of the project, custom software will in many cases be an asset for you and your business.

The solution develop your growth

No software currently offered on the market will completely satisfy you (lack or surplus of features, questionable ergonomics, tedious installation, etc.)

you would like to do regularly update your software according to your needs and your constraints in order to stay up to date

Switch to custom development

Multiple settings

As you can see, the development of software can be done according to several parameters. Of course, this list is not exhaustive but it summarizes the crucial points that most often lead companies to call on our team of IT developers.

According to your specificities

You will also have choices regarding the functions we implement in your software. For example, you may need a document storage device, an electronic signature, a real-time geolocation system, user rights management (customers, employees, management, etc.), automatic sending emails or others. We could go on for a long time because the list of possibilities is so long. Depending on your wishes, we can help you design your own software or, if you have already defined your needs, we can create it for you, taking into account each of your specificities.

An infinity of applications

You will have understood: software development has an infinity of applications. Do you want to develop your growth, improve your management and the management of your business with state-of-the-art software? Contact us, our team of IT engineers will accompany you throughout the process in order to offer you software that is both simple and efficient while respecting the constraints imposed by your structure and/or your activity.

what is the software development ?

In a nutshell, software development covers the entire development of software, from its design to its installation, including maintenance and improvement. By using and combining different computer languages (such as JAVA, HTML, XML, SQL, C or even PHP), the programmer developer is able to create software from scratch.

As with web development, it is better to entrust this task to professionals whose job it is: advanced software is a complex system where languages, syntaxes and various layers intermingle. However, the similarity between web development and software development ends here. It is not very clear for you? A little further down, we will see what are the differences between web development and software development as well as their common point(s).

What are the steps software development?
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Analyse of needs

We develop with you a list of the features you need that we will refine later taking into account different factors.


Functional (or technical) analysis

Thanks to the needs analysis previously carried out, we will be able to determine which means to use to respond most effectively to the given problem: programming languages, algorithms, types and databases... so many parameters to take into account to produce a product that meets your expectations.

Coding / Software development

We realize the solution developed and imagined with the technical analysis.

Unit tests / Testing

It is at this time that we will ensure the validity and proper functioning of the software, its ease of use and handling, its integration and that we correct any potential errors.

Discount / Validation

The customer sees if the solution corresponds to him and validates the result.


What is the price custom software?

As for the purchase of a vehicle, the price of your solution will depend on the options you choose: although there is no precise price base, it generally takes, for "basic" software, a few thousand euros. The necessary development time, the complexity of the project and the specificity of the request are all factors taken into account in the calculation of the final price.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a personalized quote taking into account all your specificities, in terms of needs but also of budget. Together we will find the best solution for your situation.


The opinions of our customers

“We had the ambition to create a new software concerning the Management and the Distribution of our video courses dedicated to Fitness Clubs and Hospitality. Today our project is out of the ground, of High Quality and Reliable, it represents a real added value for us and our Clients-Partners. ”

Fabian T

“ The work of the Y2SL team was remarkable. We went from page 17 to page one in less than three months. Today, we are extremely well referenced, which has enabled us to win new customers and increase our turnover. I thank the work of the team that I highly recommend.”

Patrick K.
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